Offers individuals, parents or couples the opportunity to deepen their relationship with themselves in a non judgemental, confidential safe setting.  1-2-1 support  seeks to understand the creativity of defensive behaviors and how we relate to others is often a mirror of how we relate to self.




Parenting the most important job you will ever do. 

Know yourself and you will know your child  is the essence of my 8 week parenting course. 

What lies hidden behind challenging behaviours needs to be revealed for children and teens to resolve what is troubling them. 

Relationship conflict 

& Personal Development

Everyone wants to belong.
Everyone wants to be loved unconditionally.
Everyone wants to be seen. 
When our way of being in this world is conditional, we create defensive or substitute ways of being seen. Understanding and compassion is key to resolution of inner and outer conflict.

There are times when we all need support with our parenting and relationships. 

Are you concerned about your child or teen?  Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships? 

Are you or your child engaging in protective behaviours such as; aggression, temper tantrums, school refusal, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and/or passivity?
Did you know - the child or adult who presents these protective behaviours are not trying to make life difficult for others, they are trying to show how difficult life is for them.  

Parent and Relationship Counselling & Educational Practitioner